Faceted Vulcano mugs

Wild clay

Mugs made of Vulcano wild clay. Dark, thick and intense, I dig this clay in the mountains of Barcelona. Resistant to high temperatures, I just take out the bigger stones, leaving the smaller ones and other minerals, so it preserves its own character.

The results of the clay from Barcelona are rough, heavy, dark ceramics, which seem to come from the bowels of the Earth. That’s why I nicknamed this clay Vulcano.

The whole process of digging and production is manual, so each piece is unique and exclusive, irregular and different from the others.

The pieces made of this clay are strong, durable and very resistant, perfect for an intense use.

  • Wild clay
  • Thrown and modelled
  • White glaze
  • Gas fired 1,280ºC
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe